Jochen Pohl


sieger design GmbH & Co.KG

The new design and the elaborate product catalogue show the work of the internationally renowned jewellery designer Jochen Pohl in the best possible light. The expressive graphic style underlines the modernity and elegance exuded by all his pieces of jewellery. At the heart of the catalogue is the current collection, set against sensual fantasy worlds with their own expressiveness. The reader discovers different stylistic worlds on every page – each with its own design concept, each with its own harmonious relationship between the jewellery and the layout. Shakespeare quotations appear alongside mirror writing reminiscent of a game of charades. Delicate ornamentation contrasts with the solidity of a platinum ring. Criss-cross lines surrounding the lightness of a moonstone – yet for all its presence, none of this ever enters into direct competition with the jewellery itself.