seca 286 / 287
seca 286 / 287
seca 286 / 287
seca 286 / 287


seca 286 / 287

Wireless measuring station

seca GmbH & Co. KG

seca 286 / 287 ultrasonic measuring station determines a person’s weight and height with utmost precision. Ultrasonic sensors contactlessly record a patient’s height in milliseconds, and the results are transmitted wirelessly. An optional voice guidance system enables patients to independently measure themselves. The overall design aims to communicate the exactness of the station’s modular structure. At the top, a distinct shape combines the sensors that are characteristic of the ultrasonic measurement technology. Simple graphics showing the measuring process as well as proper positioning and posture are part of an integrated user guidance concept.

Date of Launch
Development Time
13 - 24 months
Target Regions
Asia, Europe, North America, South America
Target Groups
Consumer / User, Other target groups:: Doctors and Nurses