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Time To Eat
Time To Eat
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Time To Eat

A vision for primary school

Time to Eat is a holistic vision for the Norwegian school of 2030. It differs from schools today in that food is a greater part of everyday school life, reflected in a separate lunch room, the availability of warm lunches, a greenhouse and a closer connection with the local community. Time to Eat imagines a restructuring of the school and education that ensures a thriving food experience for pupils of primary school, facilitating a more sustainable and inclusive awareness of food. Time to Eat consists of three main elements: physical facilities, a digital platform, and holistic food education.


This is a very well conceptualized and elaborated project that brings together the sustainable social, economic, environmental aspects of food.


Thank you so much for this award! We had no idea and we are truly surprised and humbled to be one of the winners of iF DESIGN TALENT AWARD 2021. It feels very inspiring to receive this acknowledgement. This motivates us to work further with projects connected to the UN Sustainable Development Goals.


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