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Day 9: Grupo Idea

17 October 2022: Murcia, Spain

Industrial Design = Investment
(not a cost)

iF Design Marathon 2022 - Grupo Idea

Physical and digital connections bring ideas to life

With the hashtag #makingutopia, the Grupo Idea team puts itself in pole position: ideas are not cast in form from the product alone, but from the experience. Industrial design is not an amount of costs, but a benefit for every company - if the concept focuses on the human factor. A philosophy with which Grupo Idea has not only won countless design competitions, but also international (end) customer hearts!

Strategy + Vision = Making Utopia!

Hello! Nice to meet you!

We are GRUPO IDEA, a product design and development company with almost 20 years of experience in a multitude of sectors: medical, sports, small appliances, lighting, consumer products...

We like to define ourselves as the drivers of change, since we work on the evolution of
any "idea" into products to be launched to the market, using design, creativity and
innovation as a vector of transformation. We work in an integral way, from the most
strategic and conceptual part of the product to the manufacturing.

Watch the video to learn more about us!
There we explain the story behind the gourmet oil mill, the iF DESIGN AWARD 2022 Gold winner project! (Spanish skills are helpful :-) also by reading the success story)

Disruptive and impactful design is profitable for business

How the concept of design still generates a lot of confusion, it is wrongly linked to something inaccessible, too expensive, impractical, that only focuses on aesthetics ... in short, it is understood most of the time as an expense.
Evidently, design is the opposite, it is an ally, a tool to optimize, to respond to real needs, to innovate, to make a brand position itself as a leader in a sector or as a benchmark for its users. Design is not an expense, it is an investment!

How can you benefit from including industrial design in business strategy?

  • By making room for innovation, new market opportunities open up organically.

  • Greater differentiation of your products and services to reach your target audience.

  • Strengthening and better positioning of your company, the design allows you to
    include and transmit the values of your company through the products and/or

  • Sales growth, market share increase.

  • Cost reduction and greater efficiency in production.

  • Contribute to the economy by activating the industrial and professional fabric of
    your environment.

  • Evolve to more sustainable production systems.

  • Improve the competitiveness of companies.

At Idea, we try to be a bridge, a connection between our clients and the market, the end users. To do this, we work in different phases where we always keep in mind the technical and economic viability of the product, always under the focus of the client's strategy and business model.