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Day 10: World Design Organization (WDO)

No more funny and the same design messages over and over again!

With the rise of reverse mentorship and the influence of the Millennial Generation through Generation Alpha voices, why are organizations still endorsing speakers and collaborators who repeat the same messages? Why do we listen to pitches and projects that are greenwashed, or trust that ‘design thinking’ alone will solve the challenges we are facing?

The Young Designer's Circle, founded two years ago under the auspices of the WDO World Design Organization, places the topics and theses of designers under 30 years of age worldwide at the centre of its discussions. Discursive, provocative and close to what moves young design people, discussion rounds are initiated here that are by no means lacking in energy and dynamism! To be against the point - and still discuss concrete design plans: If you want to get into the ring with the design generation born after 2000, this is the place to be.

In Montreal, traditional thinking is turned upside down - design becomes different today!

Young designers introducing the exciting programme:

Contributors shown in the video:

iF Design Marathon 2022 - World Design Organization (WDO) - Young Designers Circle - Meghan Preiss
Meghan Preiss

Manager of Customer Experience Design Integration, Delta Air Lines
WDO Board Member

Meghan is an instinctive translator traversing between complex details and big picture ideas. Meghan's passion to provide new paths for future generations to impact the world around them is becoming more of a reality with each new role she takes on. It was this passion that led her to become the youngest board member of the World Design Organization (WDO) in their 60-year history. Previously the United States female representative in WDO's inaugural Young Designers Circle, Meghan has worked with global communities to elevate design education and gender equality design initiatives. In the United Kingdom, she taught 12- to 18-year-olds how to merge design, engineering, user research, and business, while also mentoring them through different phases of life. Meghan's devotion to giving back has led her to volunteer and/or guest lecture within her favorite communities: Industrial Designers Society of America, SHiFT Design, Auburn University, Columbus College of Art and Design, Lehman College, Western Michigan University, and more.

After graduating Savannah College of Art and Design with degrees in Service Design and Industrial Design, she gained experience in both consulting and corporate design roles. She spent a few years working as a Lead Design Research and Strategist at a design consultancy in Los Angeles where she had the opportunity to work through a variety of challenges with companies like LEGO, Boston Scientific, Hamilton Medical, BMW, Honda, and more. Working on large strategy problems from the outside, Meghan soon became interested in how she could potentially make a larger impact by working in-house. Her time at Ford enabled her to deeply understand customers and stakeholders through design research. This knowledge influenced how she would design new business models and service solutions as a Business Designer in Ford's commercial partner innovation lab. Meghan is currently a Manager of CX Design Integration at Delta Air Lines where she creates design strategies to prioritize the customer experience and infuse design thinking into the corporate culture.

iF Design Marathon 2022 - World Design Organization (WDO) - Young Designers Circle - Kimia Amir-Moazami
Kimia Amir-Moazami

Kimia Amir-Moazami completed her design studies at the UdK Berlin. During her semester abroad at the Design Academy Eindhoven, she was able to deepen her knowledge in the field of design research and experimental design approaches. She has gained experience as a UX and product designer and is currently working on the further development of her bachelor’s project within the framework of a one-year scholarship together with the Ph.D. chemist Sany Chea. In addition, she is leading the design semester in the advanced art course at Berggruen Gymnasium Berlin. She is particularly interested in interdisciplinary projects and enjoys exploring new topics.

iF Design Marathon 2022 - World Design Organization (WDO) - Young Designers Circle - Abigail Hoover
Abigail Hoover

Abigail Hoover recently graduated from the University of Alberta’s Industrial Design Undergraduate Programme. In September 2022, she began my masters in the Global Innovation Design MA/MSc programme at the Royal College of Arts in London.

Her current passions are heavily tied to environmental and social sustainability. Her primary work has focused on the Outer Space Industry utilizing space-based technology to forward life on Earth through co-design and transdisciplinary collaboration.

She is incredibly excited to participate in this year’s Young Designer Circle and to meet, work and learn with individuals who share like-minded ambitions towards sustainability.

iF Design Marathon 2022 - World Design Organization (WDO) - Young Designers Circle - Muhammad Khan
Muhammad Khan

Muhammad Khan is a user experience research intern at Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada. He holds a bachelor’s degree in psychology and is currently completing a graduate certificate in human-centred design. Muhammad has spent the past 5 years working in the Canadian public service in various departments and is passionate about using design to improve the way governments deliver programs and services to the public. As a designer and researcher, he aims to help make the world a better place by advocating for people’s needs and working with them to facilitate interventions.

iF Design Marathon 2022 - World Design Organization (WDO) - Young Designers Circle - Pedro Sáez Martínez
Pedro Sáez Martínez

Pedro Sáez Martínez applies design to social and environmental challenges of today, with a focus on Social Innovation and Circular Economy. He has a background in different fields such as Industrial Design and technological Research & Development, design for the Hábitat sector, Cooperation for Development and Communication, design of brands and digital platforms, Social Design and Co-design, circular business models design.All these experiences have shaped how Pedro understands design. Now, he is mainly focused on Strategic and Service Design for SDGs and regeneration, working in his design studio Monnou. For him, design is about aligning stakeholders and co-creating (not only economic) value.

World Design Organization (WDO)

As a worldwide recognized non-governmental organization, the World Design Organization (WDO) is dedicated to promoting and advancing industrial design and its ability to improve the economic, social, cultural and environmental quality of life.

Young Designers Circle

Established in 2020, the WDO's Young Designers Circle fosters the creativity and ambition of young designers under the age of 30 in a variety of disciplines and regions.