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Contemporary Household Trends und Cooking Items

In these times of change, designers look particularly at the new role our homes are taking in our lives. iF awarded products represent state-of-the-art appliances and kitchenware that are both functional and stylish.

Never before have we spent so much time at home. And as people all around the world were urged to stay at home, lockdown restrictions and social distancing during the pandemic have changed the meaning of “home”. Many people renovated their rooms, introduced some calm and serenity into their spaces, and surrounded themselves with the most beautiful and best things possible. The idealized home – "home" as a place of intimacy where you can feel both free and sheltered – was expanded to mean a procedure that would further fit the feeling of distraction during isolation.


DuoCai Tea Set | Manufacturer: Dehua Shangbendao Ceramics Co., Ltd., Dehua, China
This tea set has an innovative structure and aesthetic appearance. When the user turns the knob to pour tea into the cup, it has a very ceremonial feel that preserves taste and echoes rituals of traditional tea making. A heating module has been added to the bottom of the product to maintain taste and temperature.
Iberital Tandem | Manufacturer: IBERITAL, Sant Feliu de Llobregat, Barcelona, Spain
From the beveled knobs for better control to the removable baskets, every detail has been developed to make this all-around espresso machine the barista's perfect companion. Features include removable baskets ideal for transporting heavy loads of mugs and a flood-LED array. Tandem also features smart connectivity with Iberital's IB Connect Technology.
CLOSCA BOTTLE | Manufacturer: CLOSCA DESIGN, Valencia, Spain
The Closca Bottle is the first wearable bottle on the market that eliminates the use of single-use plastics and allows you to combine it with your outfit. It lets the user transport their bottle in a comfortable way, refilling it from the nearest water source at any time.
Magnet Kitchen by Ramon Soler | Manufacturer: Industrias Ramon Soler S.A., Sant Joan Despí, Spain
The Magnet Kitchen faucet is equipped with an innovative magnet system that allows you to return the pull-out spout to its original position and fix it to the faucet body. The faucets have scratch-resistant finishes and are easy to install thanks to a system also designed by Ramon Soler.
the Juicer | Manufacturer: Espressions, Eindhoven, Netherlands
This citrus juicer offers two types of orange juice at the touch of a button and it can also press pomegranates. You can choose to make either a clear fruit juice or a thick and frothy drink rich in fibers.
Cuzen Matcha | Manufacturer: World Matcha Inc., San Mateo, United States
People tend to drink matcha tea at a café but not at home, as making matcha from powder requires skills in whisking. This home matcha system grinds organic matcha leaves into a fine powder, and whisks them into water.
Oransi Mod | Manufacturer: Oransi LLC, Raleigh, United States
The smart design of this air purifier starts with a glass touch user interface: slide your finger to adjust the fan speed to the perfect setting. A carry handle makes it easy to move. And the filter includes a handle, so you never have to touch the dirty filter. an efficient motor quietly powers high airflow through a medical-grade HEPA filter for best-in-class air cleaning.
X-PLOSION®| Manufacturer: GEFU GmbH, Eslohe, Germany
The GEFU X-PLOSION® design series sets new standards in seasoning with cleverly designed mills, extra-sharp chili cutters, stylish shakers, and other smart innovations. These kitchen utensils look impressive, fit comfortably in your hand, and have a superior range of functions.
Cutting board sheet | Manufacturer: CAINZ Corp., Honjo Saitama, Japan
This cutting board sheet prevents cutting boards from getting dirty and preventsfrom staining and odors. It's easy to use too. All you have to do is roll out the length you need and cut. The box comes with three meters of sheet and a slider to cut off as much as you want.
TEFAL - EVER SHARP | Manufacturer: JINHUI KNIFE, Yangjiang, China
Storing this knife in its cover after use ensures that it will always be sharp. The secret? The knife has a sheath with an integrated and patented system that sharpens the blade before and after each use. A single gesture ensures that your knife stays sharp, day after day.
Portable Vacuum Sealing System | Manufacturer: Universal Trim Supply Co., Ltd., Taipei Hsien, Taiwan
The SealVax system is the perfect solution for a widespread problem of plastic waste. The SealVax system has four innovative features: it doesn't require a battery; the textured bag enhances the efficiency of the vacuum, and it is made of reusable TPU material that can be washed and decomposes after disposal; it has no harmful environmental impact; it is lightweight and easy to carry.
Noa Series | Manufacturer: MUNK Building Materials Co., Ltd., Foshan, China
The focus of the design of this faucet was on the way the hand interacts with the faucet. The designers wanted to represent the range of motion that the handle draws in space to give added value to user-product interaction. And this is the result, an expression of simplicity, elegance, and functionality.
Open Suite | Elica S.p.A., Fabriano (AN), Italy
This cooker hood allows you to combine different shelves in a modular structure to play with spaces and create geometries and lines according to personal tastes. The immediately recognizable industrial style adds character to the kitchen environment.
Migrating Bird | Manufacturer: Ningbo Chefshere Kitchen Technology Co., Ltd., Ningbo, China
The feather-shaped mixing blade of the Migrating Bird mixer starts to turn and mix liquids when you press the lid. It rotates just like a bird soaring in the sky, swooping and turning, again and again. It is made of food-grade borosilicate glass. The green ring on top can be turned to adjust the amount of liquid poured out. Any left-over liquid can be stored in the glass container, for you to use whenever you like.
Artemis | Manufacturer: Peng Dacheng, Hangzhou City, China
The Artemis ultraviolet multifunctional disinfectant box is compact, foldable, and portable. The top lid of the box has an ultraviolet disinfection lamp, which can be removed and used separately to "scan" and disinfect large objects. The product has three modes, including 60-second quick disinfection, and can effectively kill viruses using UVC and UVA.
Handy Spiral | Manufacturer: Tupperware Belgium N. V., Aalst, Belgium
This small, handy tool cuts vegetables like zucchini, carrots, and cucumbers into pasta-shaped strips. The Handy Spiral offers a different way to eat vegetables, turning them into an attractive, healthy, and fun vegetarian option or an alternative to carbohydrate-rich pasta.
OXO Good Grips Expandable On-the-Wall Organizer | Manufacturer: OXO, NYC, United States
The OXO Expandable On-the-Wall Organizer is an easy way to customize storage in your closet, hallway, mudroom, or garage. The design is adjustable and the customizable grip locks and hooks can be arranged to accommodate even hard-to-store items. A simple one-handed press firmly stows long-handled tools like brooms and dusters in the non-slip grip locks.
JAMIE OLIVER TEFAL - CHOP & SHAKER | Manufacturer: Groupe Seb / Tefal, Rumilly, France
Tefal's 5 Second Chopper Shaker is the perfect all-in-one solution for quickly, finely, and evenly chopping ingredients and creating homemade dips and sauces. With an advanced rotor system, this eco-friendly manual chopper is equipped with ultra-resistant, independent stainless-steel blades that can tackle all kinds of food, as well as a safe locking system that promises total peace of mind.
UME | Manufacturer: Zone Denmark, Viborg, Denmark
This touch-free dispenser can be used for either liquid soap or hand sanitizer. The simple and attractive design is perfect for the kitchen, office, bathroom, meeting rooms, shops, etc., and serves as a friendly nudge to discreetly and tastefully remind us to protect each other by practicing proper hand hygiene.
Narwal J1 Pro | Manufacturer: Yunjing Intelligence (Shenzhen) Co., Ltd., Shenzhen, China
Narwal J1 Pro is a robot system with self-cleaning water circling docking station. Users can select between vacuum or mop modules to meet their cleaning needs. The spinning mop features strong suction power, which greatly enhances the cleaning effect.

Cooking and gardening, for example, have experienced a surge in popularity, out of necessity, or freed up time to pursue these hobbies. While a sustainable lifestyle was already a trend in recent years, yet the concept of "home" has become even more important to many people. In these times of change, designers, too, are looking at the new role our homes are taking in our lives and how this role will have a lasting effect on our interior design style and product needs.

To create a future-oriented home, designers developed various ideas for items that make our everyday lives easier. State-of-the-art appliances and kitchenware that are both functional and stylish have all of this in mind when creating a space to feel good in. A glance at the iF DESIGN AWARD statistics demonstrates the extensive interest in this topic – the number of entries submitted in the category Household / Tableware has increased over the past 5 years. This year’s iF awarded products in the category Household / Tableware create a very special range of experience of “home”.

Out of the many exciting iF award-winning designs, the "Rocks" glassware series even won gold, adding a sleek and minimalist touch to any table. The "DuoCai Tea Set" features an original teacup system that automatically brews a cup of tea. Coffee lovers will enjoy the "Iberital Tandem", an all-around espresso machine comprised of folded stainless-steel and a set of simple wire baskets which make the design fun and engaging.


Mysoda Woody | Manufacturer: Mysoda Oy, Helsinki, Finland
This sparkling water maker has a minimalistic design, attractive color variants and is made of beautiful wood-based materials. By using biocomposites, Mysoda takes sustainability to a completely new level, substantially reducing the carbon footprint of the product.
Mysoda Woody | Manufacturer: Mysoda Oy, Helsinki, Finland
This glass series includes a range of 6 different lead-free mouthblown crystal glasses and an eyecatching carafe. The design is a simple conical shape with gorgeous, sensual details such as a solid bottom. The packaging, among others, gives answers to the company's approach to its carbon footprint reduction.
ASKO Elements wine climate cabinet | Manufacturer: ASKO Appliances AB Sweden, Lidköping, Sweden
The Asko climatized wine cabinet has three independent temperature zones to help you preserve, age or serve your wine in optimal conditions. Innovative features include a unique system to scan the bottle with the integrated camera or using the app, retrieving data from the Vivino database for your digital inventory. The serving area features color-adjustable illumination.
Masterbox | Manufacturer: Inwerk GmbH, Meerbusch, Germany
This modular kitchen system offers flexible planning solutions for in- and outdoor cooking, an innovative attachment function, and atmospheric lighting, all at an affordable price. By using long-lasting recycled sheet metal panels instead of chipboard, the kitchen system is also a pioneer in sustainability.

As the pandemic reshapes our ideas of "home" stressing the importance of health and hygiene, iF awarded home appliances succeed in meeting the demands of the consumers. The multifunctional ultraviolet disinfectant box "Artemis" shows what is possible when we urge to prevent infections with viruses. To save water while cooking, the "Cutting board sheet" is a clever invention that prevents boards from getting dirty. The "Portable Vacuum Sealing System" is an equally sustainable solution that eliminates plastic bags from the contemporary kitchen and instead uses reusable TPU material to keep food fresh for longer.

The need for a focus on hygiene and to minimize infection risks let’s us take a closer look at good ventilation within the house. As with the sculptural-looking "Oransi Mod" air purifier, the secret of contemporary household items lies in elegant design with smart functions that make everyday life all the more enjoyable. Soap dispensers are also among the necessary hygiene-related household gadgets. "UME" is an attractive design for any modern sink: This touch-free dispenser can be used for either liquid soap or hand sanitizer.


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