1 Jun 2019
Award ceremony

The winners of the CHENGDU INTERNATIONAL HOME DESIGN AWARD 2019 by iF have been honored in the light of the 20th anniversary of IFFC

On the occasion of the 20th birthday, the International Furniture Fair Chengdu (IFFC) has launched the CHENGDU INTERNATIONAL HOME DESIGN AWARD 2019 by iF (CIHDA). Its aim is to enhance the innovation capability and encourage good design in home furnishing related industries in China.

The jury panel comprised of six well-known international experts gathered in Chengdu on 31 May. After a whole day of evaluation, they finally selected and honored 27 outstanding designs with the CIHDA 2019 seal.

Manufacturers, designers, sales representatives, importers and distributors in the home industry have registered their submissions in the following categories:

  1. Living Room Furniture + Dining Room Furniture

  2. Bedroom Furniture

  3. Kitchen Furniture

  4. Office Furniture

  5. Outdoor Furniture

  6. Customized Furniture

  7. Home Accessories

Out of all awarded designs, the jurors selected the five most stunning entries and honored them with the special Gold prize, the Chengdu International Home Design Gold Award. On first June, the first day of the IFFC, these winners received their Gold trophies on stage at the awards ceremony. All entries will be showcased at the exhibition.

The 5 Gold award winners

Zhizhu Tea Room | Tea Room Series
Client / Manufacturer / Design: Landwood Co., Ltd., Chengdu, China

"Zhizhu" sounds like "knowing paper" and "knowing bamboo" in mandarin. A tea room can be one part of the world. Zhizhu teahouse is composed of warm solid wood and original paper and bamboo weaving modules, and each piece retains the temperature of the hands of Sichuan bamboo weaving artists. The paper-cut can be removed anytime to change to a new one, which brings more fun to the tea room. If form is important, one can sit on the pure natural straw mat on the floor, at one side of the tea table, invite a couple of friends. Or if one prefers solitude, he or she can also enjoy themselves with the "time pieces" series cushion and couch, with a book in hand. Contentment is one of the best states of life.

Gold Statement:
“This tea room easily creates a very unique atmosphere when you entered, it gives you a feeling of calmness. With very detailed and thoughtful design, it not only presents a good idea but also shows an excellent craftsmanship”

“The Tea Room is a very nice modern interpretation of material certainly. And I could imagine it in the western world, but also it's a wonderful product or project in China. So I see it as an interesting global design solution, and it's well executed which is well-proportioned. That's why it deserves a gold award.” 

Little Bamboo Series | Living Room Set Furniture (sofa and table)
Client / Manufacturer / Design: Hangzhou Bole Industrial Design, Incorporated Company, Hangzhou, China

Gold Statement:
“This entry adopts environmental-friendly material, bamboo. It's important for people to use eco-friendly products consciously nowadays. Designers combine many kinds of collaborations to expand the producing line addition to expand the target market. And of course, the sofa is comfortable, we only suggest that the craftsmanship can be more exquisite, for example, to cover the drilling nails, etc.”  

“The bamboo sofa and the coffee table are selected, is 100% knock-down, which makes it easy for delivery , it’s also very light. It‘s easy going style and young interpretation makes it interesting and fresh.”

Ease | Chair
Client / Manufacturer / Design: Chengdu Fanmate Creative Furniture Co., Ltd., Chengdu, Sichuan, China

Integrating modern sofa seats and rough wood, the product has a simple but elegant look. The backrest fits into human back curve so that people can let off steam and truly relax in the sofa. This chair is designed for daily life, reading, etc., which creates a tranquil, leisurely and free experience.

Gold Statement:
“It’s simple and elegant, with a modern style and nice workmanship. The special component in the back makes it unique and also stable to sit on.”

Detachable table (play it yourself) | Furniture
Client / Manufacturer / Design: Nanjing Zongjiao Creative Design Co., Ltd., Nan Jing, China

This is a very simple tea table for leisure, using beech wood and tenon structure. Its most salient feature is that it can be split through a simple tenon structure, as interesting as a challenging toy, which is convenient for users to carry and at the same time let users experience the furniture assembly. The simple tenon-mortise structure is strong and solid, and the whole process can be completed without any tools. When furniture becomes toys, home will be full of joy.

Gold Statement:
“The product shows ingenuity, and also nowadays we keep looking for a better way to ship furniture, which means how the furniture arrives at our doorstep. This entry shows that it can be delivered through the mail and I think it's a very nice piece, which combines the classic Asian elements with interesting and elegant thoughts. I wish in the time when we're shipping enough that we are facing a new challenge in this online marketing world. I think it's an interesting issue.”

Peatality | Fabric Sofa
Client / Manufacturer / Design: Chengdu Dibiao Smart Home Co., Ltd., Chengdu, China

To indulge the user with a sense of comfort in daily life, this piece of work offers users an immersive experience in immersing oneself into colorful nature, allowing the users to get away from city noise and enjoy nature. Inspired by the color used in Qianli Jiangshan Painting (Thusand li of Landscape Painting), the work goes beyond the traditional definition of the color of peacocks, gives a unique perspective on the use of color, in combination with the appearance of peacocks, and shows a unique embodiment of peacocks.

Gold Statement
“In the furniture world we should encourage a variety of tastes because the users are from different parts of the world with different cultural background. People are always asking ‘’what’s elegant?” “What’s aesthetics?’’ The Peatality sofa adopts the textile which shows some cultural elements, the pattern is also interesting. When you look at it, the proportion is also good, that’s why I think it’s a good design.”

>> Browse the complete information of the award winners on the iF Design Website

Special display at the International Furniture Fair Chengdu 2019

From 1 to 4 June 2019, all entries from CIHDA 2019 will be displayed in the pavilion of the "Chengdu International Home Design Award 2019 by iF".

We invite everyone to visit the show to see the latest design trends and insights into the home furniture industry. (Western China International Expo City, Hall No.16 )

What the judges had to say

“We believe that the most important standard is the ‘quality’ of the product while the ‘workmanship’ of a lot of entries can be improved. To develop towards the global market and break down barriers between regions, the designs need to be more international thinking, that is, to enhance commonality and universality. Browsing through the projects from China this year, most of the top designs possess deep cultural and religious contexts – although it may be limited by regional markets – still worthy to be recognized and encouraged.”

The Jury Panel

Werner Aisslinger | Studio Aisslinger|Germany

Werner Aisslinger received his degree in Design at the University of Fine Arts in Berlin. His works cover the spectrum of experimental, artistic approaches, including industrial design and architecture. He delights in making use of the latest technologies and has helped introduce new materials and techniques to the world of product design like in this unique gel furniture for Zanotta with his Juli chair for Cappellini. Recent work includes furniture design projects for Vitra, Foscarini, and Moroso, product designs for Haier and Canon as well as the 25hours Hotels in Berlin, Zurich and Cologne.

Ineke Hans | INEKE HANS/ARNHEM|Netherlands

Ineke Hans (NL) is based in the Netherlands and London. She designs furniture, products, exhibitions, in- and outdoor spaces and explores new design strategies. Since 2017, Ineke is professor Design & Social Context at the University of the Arts in Berlin.

Jiao Mo | 
Tongji University, MOMENT Décor, MOS | China

Mo Jiao is an associate professor and the head of Furniture Design Lab and Material Innovation and Application Lab, College of Design and Innovation, Tongji University. Mo is also the design director of MOS MODE (www.mosmode.com) and partner of MOMENT Décor, Shanghai China. Her works are oftentimes driven by the application of unique material or advanced technology, which cover the design sector of interior, furniture and product. She focusses on the process of bringing an idea into realization, to give traditional crafts a modern visual language.

Kazushige Miyake | MIYAKE DESIGN|Japan

Kazushige Miyake is the owner of miyake design in Tokyo. He founded his office, which shows a broad range of design from electrical household appliances to furniture and other household articles right on up to products for traditional Japanese companies, in 2005. Kazushige has also been a guest lecturer at the Tama Art University since 2010 and a judge of the iF DESIGN AWARD and the Good Design Award. He has been the recipient of many international design awards.

Zheng-Guang Hou | Furniture Design Committee of China, Shanghai Industrial Design Association, 'MoreLess' and 'eachcorporation' | China

Zheng-Guang Hou is a designer and curator. Zheng-Guang holds a bachelor‘s degree in automobile design from Jilin University of Technology, and a master's degree in Furniture Design from Buckinghamshire University. He is a vice director of Design Committee of China National Furniture Association and Shanghai Industrial Design Association, who's also the founder of designed furniture brand MoreLess.

Shi-Chieh Lu | CJ STUDIO | Taiwan

Shi-Chieh Lu was born in 1965 in Taipei, graduated from Architecture Department of Tung-Hai University and Architectural Association in London. He has been engaged in the research and development of architectural and interior design, furniture design as well as product design. He used to teach in the Graduate Institute of Architecture, NCTU, Architecture Department of Tung-Hai, Shin-Chien and Ming-Chuan Universities.




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