30 Mar 2020
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TAIPEI CYCLE d&i awards⁠ 2020: Eight gold award winners revealed!

Organized by Taiwan External Trade Development Council (TAITRA) and Taiwan Bicycle Association (TBA) and executed by iF DESIGN ASIA Ltd., the TAIPEI CYCLE d&i awards 2020 announced the 40 winning products today. Eight companies from Taiwan, Korea, Japan and Germany received the highest honor, the TAIPEI CYCLE gold award and one of the companies took home the special prize Gold Award – Young Enterprise.

In response to the increasing trend of IoT and digital integration platforms stepping into the cycling industry, the TAIPEI CYCLE d&i awards added the new category “Smart cycling services” for the first time. It’s not only meant to respond to the trend but also meant to empower innovative designs to constantly lead the way for the industry. Almost 150 entries from 12 countries have been submitted this year. For the first time, more e-bikes were seen than conventional bikes that took part in the competition, which indicates that industrial trends are inextricably linked to product development.

The judges said that in addition to the significant increase in the number of e-bike submission this year, they noticed that many innovative products are being manufactured to address global environmental issues and appeal to female consumers. Many contributions impressed the jury with their innovative use of materials and the expansion of consumer bases, which made them stand out from the crowd.


New digital exhibtion

Due to the outbreak of the corona virus (COVID-19), all award-winning products will be presented digitally at the VR pavilion of “TAIPEI CYCLE d&i awards exhibition” in May. The digital display breaks through the physical exhibition restrictions and offers a new visitor experience. Detailed exhibition information is subject to the announcement of TAITRA. Buyers, exhibitors and the general public are cordially invited to make better use of this brand new service.

This year’s list of winners and related information can be downloaded here

Jury Biographies and Jury Impressions

This year’s award-winning products were chosen by Yoshiharu Sugawara (GK Design Group, Japan), Norbert Haller (ID berlin, Germany), Georg Todtenbier (CRE8 DESIGN, Taiwan), Johann Geiger (Dayeh University, Taiwan), Cesare Sun (Gearlab, Taiwan), Marcus Solomon (XD Automotive and Industrial Design, Taiwan) and Francois Liang (Cycling & Health Tech Industry R&D Center, Taiwan). The judges assessed the entries with their profound experience and through intensive discussions on the basis of the following criteria: innovation and elaboration, functionality, aesthetics, responsibility and positioning.


Yoshiharu Sugawara, GK Design Group|Tokyo, Japan:

Yoshiharu Sugawara is Managing Director at GK Design Group. He received a Bachelor of Economics and Management degree from RIKKYO University in Tokyo, JAPAN and promoted diverse mobility design consulting for US, Europe and Asian market for 30 years. He is also President of GK Dynamics Incorporated in Tokyo, President of GK Design Europe B.V. in Netherlands, Director of GK Design International Incorporated in Los Angeles, USA, Jury member of Japanese Good Design Award for Mobility unit 2017-2019. In 2018 he was jury member of the i-Mark Design Award in India.

“Because mobility design is in its mature stage, the future must not be just about solving convenience and efficiency, practicality and rationality with technology. The act of movement is inseparable from the history of human evolution and the history of evolution, and the desire for movement is human nature. Therefore, mobile is impulsive and emotional rather than being performed essentially for duty or functional purposes. That is why bicycles and their parts must have a design that resonates strongly. It was a pleasure to see such signs in many of the products entered TAIPEI CYCLE d&i awards 2020.”

Norbert Haller, ID berlin | Berlin, Germany:

Norbert Haller studied industrial design in cooperation with Audi. In 1998, he began his professional career in the LEV industry (light electric vehicles). Norbert has designed and developed bicycles, pedelecs, e-bikes and e-scooters for customers from all over the world – first as the CEO and then as the director of design at Craftsmen Design in Berlin (Germany). From 2007 to 2012, he was head designer at Ultra Motor Ltd., UK. Today, Norbert is the managing director of ID berlin, based in Berlin. He also sometimes lives and works in Taiwan. Thanks to many years of experience in the LEV industry, he has been able to build an excellent network of contacts in the bike industry.

“At this year’s Taipei Cycle d&i awards, the electrification & digitalization of bicycles and components was a significant topic. More E-Bikes than “standard” bikes have attended the event. Special applications in the field of urban cycling and commuting: Solutions from rental/fleet cycling up to small stand-up eScooter have been shown. The bicycle industry expanding its field to micro-mobility via new applications, digitalization, and electrification.Integration of components into bicycles, innovative materials, environmental awareness and products for female cyclists were other topics at the award. There are three main trends we can see from this year: E-Bikes and E-Bike Components, environmental awareness, and bicycle industry goes to micro-mobility.”


Georg Todtenbier, CRE8 DESIGN | Taipei, Taiwain:

After working as a stone sculptor and studying Fine Arts, Georg Todtenbier went on to study Industrial Design in Germany and Japan. After a position within the Panasonic Design Team, he is now a Senior Design Manager at CRE8 DESIGN, the largest design firm in Taiwan, where he also got engaged as University part time lector. His designs in the field of consumer electronics, gaming products, bicycles and accessories have won numerous design awards and he himself has been appointed as judge for various local and international design competitions.

“As a product designer, I’m of course more tempted to judge a product only by the pure outside aesthetics, but often also some innovative details are a bit hidden to the eye. That’s engineering solutions, small little things or maybe materials innovations that can make a big difference on a bicycle. In this jury session, I saw some relatively innovative materials. I think the creative use of materials and the production of these materials are very important because having a 100% safe bicycle should be the first priority when it comes to cycling.”


Johann Geiger, Dayeh University | Changhua, Taiwan:

Johann Geiger studied Industrial Design at the University of Applied Sciences in Munich. After completing his studies in 1983, he joined target-DESIGN Studio, where he was then employed as a chief designer from 1988 to 2004. Since that time, he has been teaching Transportation and Industrial Design at the Dayeh University in Taiwan. He also works as a designer and a consultant.

“I think this award is particularly important for Taiwan as a bicycle OEM and ODM powerhouse. This award brings creative and innovative brands together and allows the judges to introduce them to the cyclists so that everyone can understand the industry in depth. In addition, it also helps to improve the international reputation of the TAIPEI CYCLE Show. The bicycle industry in Taiwan must understand and be aware of what is happening in global markets, as well as future bicycle design trends. Although we faced still many significant design proposals during the award, which meet the needs and expectations of cyclists, I expect to see more bikes that are trendy and fashionable. For example, the current trend of e-bikes development which shows upcoming synergies between bicycles and motorcycles was not represented much among the participants. In this way, I would like to encourage the producers and creators here in Taiwan to show self-confidence and trust in their creations to bring them into production. Of course the jury has to proof the feasibility and marketability. There are good examples which confirm that this is possible to achieve. The award stays one of the best opportunities for fast and effective product communication to the bike market.”


Cung-Shih Sun, Gearlab | Taipei, Taiwan:

Cesare Sun is co-founder and R&D director at Gearlab Co. Ltd., a Taiwanese design office that has received many awards and focuses on outdoor design, sustainable products and consumables. A sports enthusiast and industrial designer, he also worked for ASUS and he is an active supporter of climate protection with a focus on neutral CO2 footprint issues. Cesare studied at the Tung Hai University of Taiwan and at the Domus Academy in Italy.

“When we assessed the entries, we looked at the elaboration of its solution. We always found good intentions when exploring a well-designed work step by step. I would analyze the functionality of the product first and see whether it can meet the "needs" of cyclists. I think most excellent products can meet the standards in this light. Then we tried to find if the work meets the demand in a ‘thoughtful’ way? For example, we saw a bicycle tire which is produced and manufactured locally, so it can reduce the problem of shipping and provide another solution for sourcing.”


Marcus Solomon, XD Automotive and Industrial Design | Taipei, Taiwan:

For ten years, Marcus Solomon worked for large design firms and traveled a lot before settling down in Japan and Taiwan. He founded his own design consultancy which eventually merged with a large consulting firm. He then founded XD Automotive and Industrial Design Inc. and he was co-founder of the start-up ENIGMAcoustics, a US-based company specializing in high-end audio products. He is also a co-founder of and CEO at IN2UIT, a high-end audio systems brand. Marcus was raised in Australia and studied architecture and industrial design.

“For a country like Taiwan, it’s important to have high-end manufacturing capabilities that make the products unique and irreplaceable. In addition to innovation in design, innovation in manufacturing technology is also needed. I have seen many excellent designs from Taiwan, and its bicycle industry is extremely powerful. In this year ’s competition, we saw many outstanding e-bikes. I was moved by this creative energy during the judging process.”


Francois Liang, Cycling and Health Tech Industry R&D Center | Taichung, Taiwan:

Francois Liang is the General Manager of the Cycling and Health Tech Industry R&D Center (CHC) in Taichung, Taiwan. The graduate in Naval Architecture Engineering also earned a doctoral degree in Industrial Engineering in 2014. Liang has worked in different capacities in various fields of engineering in the aeronautics and auto industry since 1984. He has been employed at CHC since 1997, responsible first and foremost for the development of bicycle products. Liang has been involved in the bicycle industry for the past 20 years.

“We saw many entries from the category of e-bikes and drive units this year. The common feature of these works is that the design is quite close to the needs of cyclists, and there are some good products from Taiwan. I think this year's awards echo the trend in response to the global demand, especially the trend of electrification as the industry has invested a lot in the development of e-bikes.”

This year’s list of winners and related information can be downloaded here

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