winery Markus Schneider
winery Markus Schneider
winery Markus Schneider
winery Markus Schneider


winery Markus Schneider

Expansion of the winery

The centerpiece of the new wine cellar are the bottle warehouse and the barrique cellar, structured in two slender bodies addressing the grapevine disposal. Manifold interstices subdivide and belt the complex of buildings. The whole ensemble is shaped by a concrete coffered vault. This element not only serves as an esthetically citation of the historical barrel cellar vaults, but it is also a highly loadable component from a statically point of view. It is also very efficient for the storage of grapes, keeping the climate constantly at 12 °C. So it is ecologically sensible as the natural cool climate of the soil saves energy for cooling.

Client / Manufacturer

Markus Schneider GbR Weingut Markus Schneider

Ellerstadt, DE

Prof. Gräf Architekten GmbH

Kaiserslautern, DE
Date of Launch
Development Time
25 - 36 months
Target Regions
Target Groups
Consumer / User, Trade / Industry