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Day 3: Cumulus Association

7 October 2022: Helsinki, Finland
The different identities of food

Culinary insights into the essence of food – from Helsinki once around the pleasure world!

As a global organisation for design education and research, Cumulus offers 357 members in 66 countries a network built on lively exchange and accomplished expertise around pressing issues in design teaching and learning. There is room for experimental projects, knowledge transfer and analysis. In particular, the project of Dr. Dolly Daou, founder of the New Eating Habits research group, promises intense moments of enjoyment with profound research into identity formation of eating behaviour around the globe.

Bon appétit via creative and planet-shaping perspectives!

Connecting different universe | The story of a seaweed

An eco-system of being

iF DESIGN MARATHON 2022 Day 3 Cumulus Association_An eco-system of being

We share food stories from different continents and the different food identities they embody. Through design we enhance and express these different identities to generate new eating habits that build a healthy and an ecological relationship between us and the planet.

Dr. Dolly Daou

Founder & Chair
New Eating Habits research group
Cumulus Association

Dr. Pier Paolo Peruccio

Co-Chair of New Eating Habits
Cumulus Association

Professor of Design Politecnico of Design