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Smart Kitchen Appliances For Your Culinary Experience At Home

Cooking has become a new hobby for many people during the Covid pandemic. Thanks to the latest smart kitchen appliances, creating a culinary experience at home is more efficient than ever.

If there is one thing that unites us all, it is food. The smell of it, the texture of it, the various combinations – food is far more than a basic need. Food are memories of lovers’ first date, a life changing trip abroad and childhoods. Sharing a homemade meal is therefore one of life’s simple pleasures – especially in view of the hustle and bustle of everyday life. Every cuisine including Italian, Thai and Mexican, to name just a few, has its techniques and traditions, but the common denominator is that enjoying good food allows us to have new culinary experiences and creating new memories.


POURX OURA | Manufacturer: Abilliant Corporation, New Taipei City, Taiwan
This is a smart light-guided coffee scale and transfers data from recipes, which is by different coffee beans, to light-guiding indications. Inspired by traffic light: green-pour, red-stop pouring, and beeping reminders.
Entive-4 in-1 integrated cooker | Manufacturer: Zhejiang Entive Smart Kitchen Appliance Co., Ltd., Zhejiang, China
An electric steamer and electric oven are integrated with the functions of gas stove and range hood in a differentiated and independent way. The patented fan is designed to reduce noise and increase space for steaming and baking.
VIOMI Clean water instant hot water dispenser X2 | Manufacturer: VIOMI, Foshan, China
The VIOMI water purifier X2 combines purification and heating; it has both water purifier and kettle functions. 6-level filtration and 2.0 version of instant heating system deliver instant pure boiling water.
Tineco Food One | Manufacturer: Tineco Intelligent Technology Co., Ltd., Suzhou, China
This intelligent wok acts like a caring kitchen assistant. Users can use an app to select from a large number of recipes suitable for use with the smart pot. Unlike similar products, this multipurpose cooking device integrates an electronic scale for weighing spices to help accurately follow recipes.
VITA Neo | Manufacturer: BLANCO GmbH & Co. KG, Oberderdingen, Germany
This is a unique combination of durable, high-quality stainless steel sink and a top-load dishwasher. It offers the possibility to install a dishwasher despite limited space.
Tmall Genie MiaoWu & Greenis-Smart Water Dispenser | Manufacturer: Ningbo Greenis Home Appliances Co., Ltd., Ningbo, Zhejiang, China
This is a tabletop water dispenser with instant heating capability. Users can voice-control the machine with a smart speaker by sending voice commands such as "I would like black tea" to dispense the proper amount of water suitable for making black tea.
Eurosmart Kitchen | Manufacturer: Grohe AG, Düsseldorf, Germany
Adopting the latest technology, this kitchen faucet series provides maximum safety and durability. The advanced inner-water guide protects against scalding and prolongs the life of the chrome surface.
The Laminar Pressure Series | Manufacturer: Wuhan Supor Cookware Co., Ltd., Wuhan, China
Under the fast-paced living conditions, this cast aluminium wok can improve cooking efficiency. The lid is equipped with a one-button pressure relief function for one-handed operation. The main handle can be disassembled with chopsticks, which can realize the dual-purpose function of one-pot easily.
Planit Air fryer | Manufacturer: zionglobal, Seoul, South Korea
This air fryer is designed to improve frying speed and save energy with a fast air circulation system. The biggest advantage is that it uses general coating materials and an all-steel inner face & basket to increase thermal conductivity.
Urbix™ Bridge Faucet with ColorSmart™ Technology | Manufacturer: Kraus USA, Port Washington, United States
Featuring a unique thermochromic finish, the faucet body changes color in response to rising temperature, alerting users when water is too hot to touch. Serving a function beyond design, ColorSmart™ is a valuable safety feature for users with heat sensitivity, making it a perfect product for aging in place and families with children.
Smart IOT | Manufacturer: Midea Group, Foshan, China
Thanks to Bluetooth connection, when the hob of this product is in use, the hood automatically opens, and can be automatically adjusted according to the volume of fumes and vapor produced. This leaves users free to focus entirely on cooking. The hood is equipped with an air butler, which indicates the kitchen air quality through lights.
BUGU smart kettle | Manufacturer: Midea Group, Foshan, China
The Bugu Smart Kettle combines a variety of menus with a built-in microcomputer chip to form an exquisite tea brewing program. It is simple and intuitive to use with the Meiju app, based on IoT. This lets users customize the settings for brewing tea to ensure the best taste.
Mi Smart Steam Oven | Manufacturer: Shanghai Chunmi Electronics Technology Co., Ltd.,
Mi Smart Steam Oven is mostly operable via a single rotary switch. All kinds of information are displayed clearly on the built-in OLED screen. Just a slight turn of the knob is sufficient to adjust the temperature and time accurately. The OLED display also allows for easy demonstration and intuitive operation.
Tmall Genie MiaoWu & Greenis - Smart Soymilk Maker | Manufacturer: Ningbo Greenis Home Appliances Co., Ltd.
This is a multi-functional soymilk maker with a small capacity. It can prepare a 1- or 2-person serving of soymilk, soups, juices, and other liquid foods within 20 minutes. Users can control the machine through voice control capability with a smart speaker or a smartphone.
ASKO Celsius°Cooking™ induction hobs and cookware | Manufacturer: ASKO Appliances AB Sweden, Lidköping, Sweden
ASKO Celsius°Cooking™ is a lineup of smart induction hobs and cookware with unique precise temperature control and an interactive recipe app. The system consists of an induction hob with an intuitive user interface, pans with built-in temperature sensors, a probe, and an app; all these components communicate with each other wirelessly to control the temperatures and timings precisely.
TOKIT Smart Kettle | Manufacturer: Shanghai Chunmi Electronics Technology Co., Ltd., Shanghai, China
The temperature control technology of the Tokit smart kettle can keep water at a constant temperature so that once hot, there is no need for users to wait when they want a second cup.
Kitchen smart smoking machine | Manufacturer: Guangdong Chengyi Technology Co., Ltd., Foshan, China
This extractor hood is designed to keep open kitchens smoke and odor-free. The hood's powerful patented cyclone technology sucks up fumes and harmful particles produced by frying and eliminates the carcinogens released by fumes from hot cooking oils.

It’s no wonder that the kitchen is the center of many modern homes. We moved away from the idea that home cooking is just a task and that the kitchen functions as production site. Cooking has become a new hobby for many people during the Covid pandemic and is more than ever associated with a feel-good factor. And creating a culinary experience at home is easier and more efficient than ever – thanks to the latest smart kitchen appliances.

A drill down into the statistics of the iF DESIGN AWARD reveals that manufacturers have brought a variety of smart kitchen devices to the market in the recent years. What connects them is their focus on being user-friendly, energy-saving and practical. Many of these smart devices can be controlled from a distance using manufacturer’s app on a smartphone or a tablet. Nothing is more convenient than having everything you need at your fingertips. All you need is Wi-Fi. If that should fail, the devices can usually still be operated manually.


PowerCooker (Multi-Use) | Manufacture: DesignNest B.V., Breukelen, Netherlands
PowerCooker is a compact rice cooker with a weighted lid for a sealed pressure cooker effect. It offers different modes for the cooking processes of various dishes. Rice, cake, soup, stew and yogurt all be cooked in it. The unique integrated control panel in the handle avoids loose controls or protruding buttons.
inChef | Manufacturer: Beijing Ruying Tech. Limited, Beijing, China
InChef is a smart kitchen, in which a unique and self-developed robot program controls the mechanical arm and kitchen power supply to automatically cook selected dishes. Through in-depth computer learning, accurate identification of ingredients and kitchenware, and application of the latest AI technologies such as target tracking and path planning.
BESPOKE CITY COLOUR EDITION | Manufacturer: Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd., Seoul, South Korea
The CITY TRAVELLER kitchen package reflects the global nomad lifestyle pursued by many millennials. It applies color palettes inspired by major cities to kitchen appliances, such as refrigerators, ovens, and dishwashers. A Kitchen Scenery design guide also helps consumers choose the best designs.

Innovative advancements in automation and AI technologies provide smart kitchenware with futuristic possibilities. And with each new technological advancement the realms of possibility are extended ever further. "Checking ingredients, scanning barcodes or smart codes, and analyzing weights as you pour – cooking will become a fluid and seamless process," says designer and iF Juror Paul Cohen.

Short interview with Paul Cohen

Paul Cohen

designer and iF Juror

iF: What fascinates you most about the contemporary possibilities of the smart kitchen?

PC: Being a master chef at home, skills and knowledge of the quality of produce, ingredients and serving sizes are critical. It's getting far more scientific. I think the ultimate smart kitchen will allow you to weigh, check and process food more accurately while cooking. Checking ingredients, scanning barcodes or smart codes, and analyzing weights as you pour – cooking will become a fluid and seamless process.

iF: What is your most important kitchen design object?

PC: I’m a coffee lover, I couldn’t wake up without it. I love to grind fresh beans and make an espresso. It's almost a religious experience. I’ve designed many coffee machines. Making the right coffee is all about nurturing the freshness of the bean and processing it at the right temperature and pressure. All of the designs have the user at its center.

PC: Think of an automated kitchen with cooking skills through deep learning called "InChef". Or the "PowerCooker", a rice cooker that can also make soup or yogurt. And how about the "Planit air fryer" with hot air technology for a healthier meal? Some of these smart appliances go far beyond time-saving preparations and flirt with the idea of entertaining guests. The faucet body of "Urbix™ Bridge Faucet with ColorSmart™ Technology", for instance, changes color in response to rising temperature, alerting users when water is too hot to touch. Another example is "Tmall Genie MiaoWu & Greenis-Smart Water Dispenser". Here you can voice-control the machine with a smart speaker by sending voice commands such as "I would like black tea".  Or do you rather crave for a wok menu? "Tineco Food One" integrates an electronic scale for weighing spices to help accurately follow recipes.

Cooking everything perfectly while reducing food waste, water consumption and time in the kitchen. For a better future of food.


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